This week I added the final touches to my motion project based on feedback I received. It was really interesting to think of the different ways I could add motion to text to make it better match the audio and the style.

The main thing I changed from last week was the circles in the beginning to match the footsteps, changing the white background to light blue, and darkening the color of the mother’s text.

I also changed some of the motion effects to better represent the audio and to make it easier to read. At points in the video, I still feel like the text comes and goes too quickly.

This week I continued to input all the text and compositions in adobe after effects. I worked on the fonts and color I want to use and the overall motion in my composition. I definitely need to go back and make more detailed animations that fit the audio more especially near the end of my project.

What I need to work on for next week:

For this week, I worked on editing my storyboard and started putting things in adobe after effects.

For my storyboard, I changed the background color to be a dark blue because it represents that it is in the night. I also changed the font of the male voice to separate it from the female voice.

Working in after effects took me much longer than I expected. For some reason my audio kept on slowing down and not showing up so it was hard for me to place the text with exactly when the audio is supposed to be at.


For this week, I started my motion design assignment.

I spent a lot of time figuring out what audio clip I wanted to use and I kept on going back in fourth from different scenes in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Wanda Vision. I have found that I am a very indecisive person so it takes me forever to decide on something especially since I know I have to stick with it for the next couple weeks. I ended up choosing a clip from Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

The scene I chose from Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (I chose the first 60 seconds):

This assignment has taught me the importance of planning and iterating. Planning the content and the overall design system and structure before I got started on my computer really helped in my vision and keeping everything consistent.

For my poster, my second iteration made the most improvement after listening to feedback from the class and professor. I started to take note of the things in my designs that were not working and needed to be redesigned and how I could rethink and improve my initial concept. Overall, I stuck with the red circles because I thought it added variety and…

This week I revised my poster design based on my desk crits. For my poster, I decided to use three red circles to draw attention to the way people will read my poster. The first small circle is in the top left near the title and then there’s a medium circle with the subheading and the last large circle is at the bottom with the details of the event after the reader views the speakers and titles of the event. …

This week a focused on creating a design concept for the article spread, poster, and website. I created more sketches and started working in adobe illustrator and indesign which took me longer than I expected.

This past week the focus was on grids. I’ve always known about grids in designs but I have never really understood why it is so important but after this week I have a new appreciation for grids and I have been able to identify grids designs I see in my everyday life.

In the documentary, Design is One, it talks about how all forms of design is related. I also learned about creating simplicity in design which makes it timeless. I thought it was interesting to learn about Vignelli’s design process. …

In On Typography, Bayer discusses how typography and graphic designers are not recognized and they are ignored compared to architecture and the “fine arts” even though they have an outstanding impact on the world. This fascinates me and I wonder if it’s the institutions and practice of “fine arts” and architecture that one holds these to a higher standard than graphic design and typography. Especially with New Media, I think that the way things are designed on print and screens has a huge impact on society. People spend most of their time on their devices and apps and everything else…

For the second week of designing my logo, I had a better understanding for what I wanted to do with my logo.

Based on the feedback I got from my classmates and professor, I wanted to play around with increasing the stroke width and creating a more defined shape. I still wanted to keep my initials as my logo but I wanted to change the shape that I initially thought of.

First, I thought about putting my initials in an infinity sign but it didn’t feel like it represented me. To me it was too professional and just not my…

Prakriti Joshi

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